CAE-focused cloud HPC initiatives a boon to simulation users

The Ohio Supercomputer Center partnered with GE Global Research Center to convert GE’s welding simulation methodology into an online app. Source: Ohio Supercomputer Center

Engineers who rely on simulation and analysis software have long been frustrated by constrained availability of HPC (high-performance computing) resources to run their complex, computationally demanding applications.

STAR-CCM+ on Rescale platform. Source: Rescale

Expensive on-premise hardware was often hard to justify based on sporadic or infrequent usage that fluctuates with project workloads, while leasing time from supercomputing centers could likewise be an exorbitant proposition.

Simulation results analysis in SimScale. Source: SimScale
UberCloud Experiment “Natural and Forced Convection and Thermal Management of Electronics” executed on SimScale platform. Source: UberCloud

But the explosive growth of commodity cloud computing in the past handful of years has completely rewritten this equation, making ultra-high-end computing power accessible and affordable for even the smallest engineering groups today. Continue reading