ESTECO links MDO workflows to PLM backbones

To help engineering organizations link their simulation and optimization data and workflows to their enterprise product information backbone, the latest release of ESTECO’s Enterprise Suite features new plug-in connectors in SOMO 1.6 that provide direct integration with PLM systems. First unveiled in 2013, ESTECO Enterprise Suite combines the capabilities of the modeFRONTIER multidisciplinary design optimization (MDO) platform with SOMO, ESTECO’s distributed execution framework for enterprise-level collaborative design process management.

ESTECO Enterprise Suite. Source: ESTECO

The new SOMO plug-in connectors use the PROSTEP OpenPDM technology to enable design teams focused on simulation and optimization to connect with external PLM and PDM repositories and databases such as Siemens Teamcenter and PTC Windchill. This lets SOMO users easily transfer projects to and from SOMO and PLM repositories, ESTECO says, with consistency of simulation data links ensured throughout the entire information flow, including when working at the desktop level.

Users combining multiple disciplines in their optimization workflow with modeFRONTIER can now import models and single-discipline projects stored in corporate PLM databases according to standard procedures. They can use the SOMO node to reference domain-specific projects stored in an external repository; also, the Data Store node in modeFRONTIER now lets users retrieve a file from an external repository and use it as a model in the workflow.

“In this way,” ESTECO says, “integration experiences and fine-tuned optimization plans are replicated by exploiting a template-driven approach and automatically connected to the enterprise data infrastructure.”

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