Dynardo’s optiSLang now distributed by ANSYS

ANSYS optiSLang GUI. Source: Dynardo. (Click image to enlarge.)

Dynardo’s optiSLang software for CAE-based robust design optimization (RDO) will now be distributed and supported worldwide by ANSYS and its channel partners. “Dynardo and ANSYS contribute unique technology and expertise to this partnership,” noted Dynardo CEO Johannes Will. The new product, ANSYS optiSLang, applies Dynardo’s technology for sensitivity analysis, multi-objective and multidisciplinary optimization, robustness evaluation, reliability analysis and RDO to the ANSYS suite of parametric and persistent CAD and CAE modeling software.

ANSYS Workbench provides technology for parametric and persistent CAD and CAE modeling for simulation-driven product development, while optiSLang focuses on efficiency and automation of RDO methods for complex nonlinear analysis models with many parameters, including stochastic variables. ANSYS optiSLang offers several modes of interoperability:

  • Using the optiSLang Workbench plugin to expose optiSLang technology within the ANSYS Workbench GUI.
  • Using text-file-based interfacing between ANSYS and optiSLang.
  • Using parametric ANSYS Workbench models with the optiSLang GUI, with the help of the optiSLang ANSYS Workbench integration node.

The optiSLang Workbench Plugin toolbox includes modules for sensitivity analysis, optimization and robustness evaluation that can easily be dragged and dropped onto the desktop to form an interactive process chain. A best-practice workflow management wizard chooses—based on the different modules of sensitivity analysis, optimization and robustness evaluation—an optimal solution strategy with default algorithm settings, minimizing the user input required to define the variation space and objectives.

Learn more at Dynardo’s 13th Annual Weimar Optimization & Stochastic Days (WOST) 2016, June 23-24.