Should you buy design space exploration technology from a PLM vendor?

BruceJenkins_blog_May-2016_image1In its recent acquisition of CFD leader CD-adapco, Siemens PLM also acquired CD-adapco’s Red Cedar Technology subsidiary, developer of the HEEDS design space exploration software. With this move, Siemens PLM joined its principal PLM rivals in owning premier technology for design space exploration. Dassault Systemes entered the market in 2008 with its acquisition of Isight developer Engineous Software, while PTC has long offered an internally developed design space exploration product known today as Creo Behavioral Modeling Extension (BMX).

World-class design space exploration products are also available from a multitude of independent software developers focused exclusively on this area. On the one hand, these vendors’ commitment to design space exploration is effectively assured. On the other hand, many are small companies that must devote a great portion of their resources to software R&D and customer support; the result is often constrained marketing and sales budgets that make robust growth a challenge.

Being owned by a large, deep-pocketed PLM vendor has the potential to liberate a design space exploration software business from such constraints. But for customers, could there be drawbacks as well? In evaluating and selecting a vendor, buyers need to weigh the likely benefits of sourcing design space exploration software from a major PLM vendor against the potential limitations. Continue reading