ESTECO releases modeFRONTIER 2016

modeFRONTIER_2016ESTECO’s just-released modeFRONTIER 2016 features an optimization environment with modular, profiled-based access designed to enable multidisciplinary engineering practices to consolidate the specialized expertise spread among experts, and streamline teamwork by allocating software resources where needed.

Depending on the step of the engineering problem at hand, it is now possible to access different functionalities within the same software installation through dedicated modules called modeSPACE and modePROCESS, or directly in modeFRONTIER, according to the profile of the user.

  • modeSPACE makes the design space exploration environment available as a standalone application to enable efficient license and role management within teams. This module includes the modeFRONTIER toolset for data analysis and investigation of problem characteristics in both the post-processing and the pre-optimization phase.
  • modePROCESS is an independent desktop application for describing processes in the form of graphical workflows that specify which parameters and simulations are required to solve an engineering design problem.

The new User Profiles are in two categories: (1) Data Space and (2) Process and Optimization.

Data Space User Profiles

  • Data Viewer“Understand complex datasets in modeSPACE.” Analysts can prepare for design reviews and show data using sophisticated, interactive charts while other team members continue their work using modeFRONTIER. At the same time managers can monitor the status of the design process by viewing results in modeSPACE, without affecting the work process.
  • Data Inspector“Post-processing essentials at your fingertips.” When basic data analysis is needed, the Data Inspector profile provides the complete set of modeFRONTIER post-processing charts included in the modeSPACE standalone application.
  • Data Intelligence“Make the most out of advanced data analysis.” When data needs more focus, analysts can now create and edit post-processing charts, train RSMs (Response Surface Methods) and exploit advanced MVA (Multi-Variate Analysis) tools, directly from the standalone module. The improved RSM wizard, now including an automatic training feature, assists the user in creating highly accurate response models to be exploited for interactive what-if analysis and response prediction. Also, a new RSM Evaluation Chart helps compare metamodels based on the approximation quality.
  • Data Explorer“Full-scale design space exploration.” ​​DOE (Design of Experiments) experts can now set up and execute a Design Exploration Workflow in modeFRONTIER and also enjoy the full set of tools dedicated to data analysis in the modeSPACE module. The new Sensitivity Analysis Tool, the RSM Evaluation Chart and the improved RSM wizard offer an environment tailored to effective design space exploration. This reliable support base assists analysts in understanding multidisciplinary attribute roles, finding correlations, performing impact analysis by executing the automatically-trained metamodels or carrying out advanced MVA.

Process and Optimization User Profiles

  • Automation Designer“Get your MDO workflow into shape.”​ Integrating the different physics domains involved in multidisciplinary design optimization studies requires specific expertise. Integration experts can build, edit and run efficient multidisciplinary workflows for the team, accessing modeFRONTIER or the modePROCESS application.
  • Single Discipline Design“Enhanced design solutions for domain experts.” When focusing on a single analysis domain, users can create, edit and run single-discipline optimization projects exploiting the whole range of modeFRONTIER algorithms together with up to three direct integration nodes. By including domain-specific tools in the workflow, created directly through modeFRONTIER or through modePROCESS, engineering teams can exploit the prediction capability of simulations further. Advanced analytics tools guide designers and let them concentrate exclusively on relevant design parameters. Product performance targets are reached sooner, reducing manual iterations and respecting critical design constraints.
  • Multidiscipline Design“Unlock the power of MDO.” The most complete profile dedicated to teams dealing with complex, multifaceted design projects, often involving the closely interrelated engineering of systems and subsystems. Users can unlock the full power of modeFRONTIER and create, edit and run highly structured multidisciplinary optimization projects with the support of the complete modeFRONTIER MDO platform. modeFRONTIER 2016 provides new advanced features for handling project complexity, such as a dedicated panel for workflow setting (Workflow Global Properties), a Design Space Node, an improved Subprocess Node and more.
  • Optimeazy“Find the optimum with one click.” For users seeking a rapid but sophisticated optimization experience, Optimeazy offers a tailored license module to run one-click optimization projects with the ESTECO proprietary algorithm pilOPT. Users can create, edit and run workflows—accessing modeFRONTIER or modePROCESS—to run preliminary optimization or save time when knowledge of the problem characteristics is scarce. The hybrid, multi-strategy pilOPT algorithm needs only a reduced number of runs to reach the optimum, making the use of computational resources more efficient.

In addition to offering a new user experience, modeFRONTIER 2016 includes advanced tools to address the most sophisticated tasks involved in design optimization. A Sensitivity Analysis tool, an RSM Evaluation Chart and an improved RSM wizard offer an environment tailored to effective design space exploration. New capabilities for handling project complexity include a dedicated panel for workflow setting called Workflow Global Properties, a Design Space Node, an improved Subprocess Node and more.

Says modeFRONTIER Product Manager Danilo Di Stefano, “Our customers are the forefront of innovation, often leading the market with their product development strategies. modeFRONTIER 2016 addresses the entire design workflow: by orchestrating best-in-class simulation tools, it streamlines design iterations and leads engineers to new, enhanced solutions.”

Register here for ESTECO’s July 20 webinar introducing modeFRONTIER 2016.