Comet & EASA partner with Romax to appify & democratize drivetrain & gearbox CAE

Comet Solutions and EASA have partnered with Romax Technology to advance the appification and democratization of drivetrain and gearbox CAE.

Romax, a UK-based global leader in analytical solutions for transmission, axle and driveline systems, last month entered a distribution agreement with Comet under which it will deliver new drivetrain and gearbox engineering SimApps to its customers based on Comet’s automation platform. This was followed last week by a distribution agreement with EASA under which Romax will use the EASA platform to deliver web apps for drivetrain and gearbox analysis. For background on CAE appification and democratization, see:

Comet platform for building simulation automation templates combined with Romax software for driveline and gearbox systems development

The partnership between Romax and Comet combines Comet’s automation platform, which enables organizations to quickly build integrated, robust, multi-tool simulation automation templates (combining CAD, FEA, Romax and other tools), with Romax’s cutting-edge software and award-winning engineering team’s expertise in developing optimized driveline and gearbox systems.

Source: Comet Solutions (click image to enlarge)

RomaxDESIGNER, Romax Technology’s flagship simulation program, has been the world-leading software for advanced gear, driveline and bearing system design, analysis and optimization for over 25 years, according to the company. RomaxDESIGNER lets users quickly and accurately perform detailed analyses of critical performance attributes for improvements in durability, efficiency and dynamics, including advanced features such as consideration of manufacturing variation and planetary sideband analysis.

Comet provides simulation automation and standardization processes by seamlessly integrating the variety of tools used by gearbox/transmission product engineers, including CAD, finite element meshers, RomaxDESIGNER, structural analysis tools, fatigue life tools, packaging/tolerancing tools, and other detailed gear design tools. By integrating data and tools within a single automation environment that includes optimization capabilities, Comet enhances the system analysis aspects of RomaxDESIGNER, providing product engineers with an unprecedented capability to explore the complex interactions between flexible structural components, such as housings and planetary carriers, and the resulting gear, bearing and overall system performance.

Comet global sales vice president Steve Brown commented, “Romax is widely recognized as a leading global provider of integrated software and services for gearbox, bearings and driveline systems. We are extremely pleased to continue building on the development partnership we started last year. Comet further extends the capabilities of RomaxDESIGNER, creating an integrated and automated design and analysis environment. This allows users to invoke a variety of software tools for faster design evaluation.  While we are naturally excited by this partnership, the true beneficiaries are the world’s gearbox and drivetrain communities who will see sustained improvements in design integrity and time to market.”

Romax head of partners Dan Poon commented, “Romax and Comet have extended their development partnership, with Romax now securing the rights to supply Comet SimApps to its customers. Our customers want to see the whole stack working, and this new arrangement enables Romax and Comet to work together as closely as needed during an engagement for the design automation flow to be fully captured and validated. From the work that Romax and Comet are doing together in the driveline simulation community, it is clear that farsighted organizations are ready to embrace process automation. Romax have a unique perspective on the gearbox design process, being the only solution and development services provider in this space that executes turnkey gearbox design projects in-house, as well as selling a software tool to support such a process. This means we know which areas of simulation setup have the largest bottleneck—that is what we are targeting. Comet’s real strength lies in its abstract manipulation of solid geometry and meshed geometry, particularly production-ready solid geometry that requires bolting together as part of simulation setup. We want to deliver a robust automated analysis process that can be easily utilized during the early concept stage in identifying design parameters that will meet customer requirements.”

EASA appification technology embedded in Romax product range to democratize CAE technology via web deployment

The distribution agreement between Romax and EASA Software, a leading provider of model deployment technology, embeds EASA’s “appification” technology in Romax’s product range, enabling Romax to democratize its advanced CAE technology via web deployment.

Source: EASA (click image to enlarge)

EASA develops and markets a codeless rapid application development platform that enables companies to democratize engineering, scientific and financial models via “appification.” EASA can be installed on-premises and accessed over a company’s private network, or alternatively can be configured as a Platform-as-a-Service in the cloud.

EASA director of business development Sebastian Dewhurst commented, “Romax is widely recognized as a leading global provider of integrated software and services for gearbox, bearings and driveline systems. EASA will enable Romax to rapidly deliver customized web-based solutions to their end users, streamlining processes involving RomaxDESIGNER, spreadsheets and other analysis and reporting tools.”

Romax’s Poon commented, “Romax and EASA have forged a partnership which enables Romax to supply EASA directly to Romax customers. The industry is changing, and advanced analytic models cannot be locked away in the depths of the CAE department anymore; they need to be shared throughout department, the organization and, in the Industry 4.0 paradigm, beyond the organization. This partnership builds strategically on our relationship with Comet Solutions, announced just last month, which provides Romax with access to Comet’s world-class automation technology, and positions Romax at the forefront of the democratization and automation of CAE movement.”

About Romax

Founded in 1989, Romax Technology is a global provider of software and services for design, analysis and optimization of transmissions and drivelines. For cars, off-road vehicles, trains, ships, planes, motorcycles, and electric and hybrid vehicles, Romax solutions help its customers design better gears and optimize transmission with a focus on driveline efficiency and NVH issues. Over 100 automotive customers use Romax software and services, including 14 of the world’s top 15 auto manufacturers.