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MSC Apex Harris Hawk accelerates structural analysis for aerospace composites

MSC Apex Harris Hawk is the eighth release of MSC Software’s revolutionary new CAE platform aimed at making sophisticated, full-powered structural modeling and analysis capabilities easily, intuitively and safely usable by engineers and designers without specialized CAE training and expertise. This newest release targets the need for accelerated structural analysis in aerospace engineering and manufacturing. Continue reading 

Lensing 2020 and beyond: 8 megatrends in engineering modeling and simulation

This second decade of the twenty-first century is witnessing an explosion of invention and innovation in digital engineering technologies unrivaled since the 1980s, when so many foundational tools and methods were either created or brought to practical fruition. Here are eight megatrends that we believe will drive generational leaps forward in engineering modeling and simulation technologies, methods and work processes through 2020 and well beyond:

  • Simulation-led, systems-driven product development.
  • Democratization of engineering modeling and simulation.
  • Simulation app revolution.
  • Design space exploration.
  • Topology, materials and process optimization for additive manufacturing.
  • Simulation for the Industrial IoT and Industry 4.0.
  • Big-data analytics in simulation.
  • Cloud HPC for simulation.

Already, each of these is today the focus of intense development by technology providers—and of investigation, investment and, in many cases, deployment by leading engineering organizations. Much of this work is succeeding in at last transforming long-established, powerful but formerly difficult-to-use, specialist-user-only tools into practical everyday engineering aids. And some of it—rather a lot, actually—is giving engineering organizations capabilities never before possible. Continue reading 

Naisbitt’s 1972 classic of forecasting and futurology.