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Design Exploration with Nexus webinar

Design Exploration with Nexus webinar, October 11 & November 24. Hosted by iChrome, the webinar will demonstrate how its Nexus software can help engineers design better, faster and smarter, and receive a one-month fully featured demo license to experience the software firsthand. Responding to what it saw as the unintuitive nature and high costs of existing design optimization software applications, iChrome set out to develop Nexus as a far more user-friendly and affordable optimization framework. Nexus provides process integration and multidisciplinary, multiphysics optimization; design of experiment and response surfaces; CAE-based design space exploration; and data mining. Register for the webinar here.

DATADVANCE Predictive Modeling and Optimization in the Era of Digitalization conference

Predictive Modeling and Optimization in the Era of Digitalization conference, September 30, Paris. Hosted by DATADVANCE, the conference will provide an overview of recent breakthroughs in predictive modeling and simulation in aerospace, automotive, energy and other industries. Attendees will learn about innovative methods in simulation and data analysis, hear keynote speakers from Airbus and other leading companies, benefit from cross-industry exchange of experiences, and discuss the future of simulation and data-driven design. Registration is free. Agenda and registration information here.

How Design Exploration and Optimization Can Help You Design Better Products webinar

How Design Exploration and Optimization Can Help You Design Better Products webinar, July 21, 2:00 pm ET. The benefit of design exploration and optimization is understood and accepted by engineers, but the required intensive resources have been a challenge for their adoption into the design process. Additional solver licenses for multi-execution and CPUs to handle the increased number of simulations, larger hard disk capacity to store multi-run data, and engineer trainings are some of the additional resources that companies had to invest in to deploy design exploration in product design. Continue reading

The Changing Role of Simulation Brings New Business Challenges webinar

NAFEMS 2020 Webinar Series: Business Challenges Section—The Changing Role of Simulation Brings New Business Challenges, June 28, 11:00 am ET. The use of simulation has realized 10%-15% annual growth for nearly 30 years, until 2008. This cumulative growth now means that simulation is a significant portion of the engineering software market and a driver for future growth. This has resulted in increased focus and investment in simulation by major PLM software vendors. This growth is coupled with increasing awareness by end-user companies that simulation is the key enabler to increased competitiveness, therefore the changing role of simulation is more about its role in business than the changes in technology. The business drivers bring an opportunity for unprecedented significant growth in the usage of simulation as well as a new set of business challenges associated with this increased demand. This webinar will introduce and explore some of the key business challenges associated with the changing role of simulation. Register here.

Dynardo’s optiSLang now distributed by ANSYS

ANSYS optiSLang GUI. Source: Dynardo. (Click image to enlarge.)

Dynardo’s optiSLang software for CAE-based robust design optimization (RDO) will now be distributed and supported worldwide by ANSYS and its channel partners. “Dynardo and ANSYS contribute unique technology and expertise to this partnership,” noted Dynardo CEO Johannes Will. The new product, ANSYS optiSLang, applies Dynardo’s technology for sensitivity analysis, multi-objective and multidisciplinary optimization, robustness evaluation, reliability analysis and RDO to the ANSYS suite of parametric and persistent CAD and CAE modeling software. Continue reading

Unlock Untapped Value in Modeling & Simulation Investments webinar

A Hidden Goldmine: Learn how to Unlock Untapped Value in Modeling & Simulation Investments webinar, 10:00 am & 2:00 pm ET, June 1. Existing modeling and simulation tools are often under-exploited because usage is limited to expert or experienced users only, time is wasted by excessive manual processes, sub-optimal designs due to insufficient time for design space exploration, and inefficient usage of expensive software licenses. This webinar will show how two products overcome these limitations and unlock far greater usage by both experienced and novice users, resulting in increased ROI. Register here.