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Unlock Untapped Value in Modeling & Simulation Investments webinar

A Hidden Goldmine: Learn how to Unlock Untapped Value in Modeling & Simulation Investments webinar, 10:00 am & 2:00 pm ET, June 1. Existing modeling and simulation tools are often under-exploited because usage is limited to expert or experienced users only, time is wasted by excessive manual processes, sub-optimal designs due to insufficient time for design space exploration, and inefficient usage of expensive software licenses. This webinar will show how two products overcome these limitations and unlock far greater usage by both experienced and novice users, resulting in increased ROI. Register here.

Packaging SimApps webinar

Gaining a Competitive Edge in Packaging Using Simulation and SimApps™ webinar, 11:00 am ET, June 2. Shortening development schedules and producing optimized products are key to staying competitive in the packaging market. By using simulation and user-friendly SimApps as part of their process, engineering organizations can reduce the number of tooling and testing iterations, reducing both costs and time to market. Webinar attendees will learn the advantages of using simulation and SimApps in a typical development cycle, what accuracy can be expected from using simulation, how simulation and testing work together, what tests and manufacturing operations can be evaluated using simulation and SimApps, and how to overcome the challenges of periodic need, material data, computer hardware and software licensing costs. Register here.

FINNOPT Optimization Days

Optimization Days workshop, Aug. 29-30, Tampere, Finland. FINNOPT’s second workshop on computational optimization for industry and research institutes will cover numerical optimization, evolutionary algorithm-based optimization, multiple-criteria decision-making, latest trends in design optimization and more. Designed to jump-start attendees’ exposure to optimization, the workshop will include extensive practice sessions on a set of industrially relevant optimization problems using Noesis Solutions’ Optimus and FINNOPT software, plus an optimization clinic offering expert guidance on achieving desired goals. Participants will receive one Optimus with FINNOPT plug-in software trial license for a period of two months. Register here.

Comet Gearbox SimApps webinar

Empowering Gearbox Product Development with Simulation Apps webinar, noon ET, March 22. Attendees learned how Simulation Apps are empowering gearbox product development. Comet Solutions’ Gearbox SimApps portfolio can perform any number of common gearbox studies ranging from basic durability evaluations of gearbox system designs to NVH, efficiency and bearing evaluations. As an example, by loading a specific duty cycle into the Gearbox Durability SimApp, manufacturers can run an automated durability analysis of the entire gearbox system, including the effects of housing, shaft and bearing deflections—all independent of the CAE group. Who this webinar is for: Gearbox designers and manufacturing engineers, durability engineers, engineering managers, manufacturing managers, analysts, sales engineers, CAD designers and those charged with making gearbox engineering and manufacturing more efficient. View a recording of the webinar here.

modeFRONTIER International Users’ Meeting 2016 keynotes

UM16 | The Speed of Change—7th modeFRONTIER International Users’ Meeting, May 17-18, Trieste, will be keynoted by Bob Tickel, Director of Structural & Dynamic Analysis at Cummins; Mario J. Felice, Manager of Global Powertrain NVH CAE Engineering at Ford; and Stan Przybylinski, Vice President of Research at CIMdata. Tickel will describe Cummins’ transition from a test-centric to an analysis-centric culture over the past 15 years, and the history of Cummins’ analysis-led design (ALD) initiative. Felice’s presentation, Multi-Physics Simulation as Applied to the NVH Refinement of Ford Motor Company’s Powertrains, will detail the analytical capabilities currently used at Ford for design and development of powertrains, the company’s simulation process, and how Ford applies optimization to drive powertrain design from component to the full system level. Przybylinski’s talk, From Validation to Front-End Innovation: an update on the global simulation market, will focus on the evolution of the business and practice of simulation to support the product lifecycle, highlighting market results, recent mergers and acquisitions, and the new requirements for developing smart, connected products. Register here.

Revolution in Simulation

Revolution in Simulation is a new online resource center for news, information and educational materials surrounding Simulation Apps hosted on Comet Solutions’ web site. Content includes recorded webinars, videos, papers, articles, case studies, blog posts and related materials contributed by leading industry authorities. “The Comet web site with its new Revolution in Simulation section is devoted to providing timely and useful information on real-world use cases and the benefits of Simulation Apps,” Comet founder and CTO Malcolm Panthaki said. “The site contains contributions from many of our industry’s recognized experts and will be updated regularly to ensure that information is timely and relevant. We invite those employing CAE at all levels to find out more about SimApps and how they may be custom-built and used within your global organization.”

Simulation Apps: Simulation for Everyone webinar

Simulation Apps: Simulation for Everyone Simulation is complicated, limiting it to a group of experts. However, democratization of CAE would improve a product’s development cycle. This webinar, hosted by, demonstrated how simulation apps can target a larger audience through simplified user interfaces, be created using five tips, and be used in real-life use cases. The presenter is Malcolm Panthaki, founder and chief technology officer at the simulation application company, Comet Solutions. View a recording of the webinar here.


ASSESS 2016: The First Congress on Analysis, Simulation, and Systems Engineering Software Strategies, Jan. 20-22, Potomac, MD.  ASSESS is a broad-reaching multi-industry initiative that began with the goal of expanding the use and benefit of software tools for model-based analysis, simulation and systems engineering. ASSESS is centered on two intersecting domains: (1) the domain of design and engineering of products and the Internet of Things, and (2) the domain of complex decisions, not just about products, but also strategies, politics, infrastructure and other difficult areas that justify taking a long hard look at the consequences of setting a direction. The role of the ASSESS 2016 congress is to guide and influence software development and strategies to the capture of value of, and to enable, expanding the use and practical scope of software for model-based analysis, simulation and systems engineering. Apply for an invitation to ASSESS.

SIMSOLID launches new meshless structural analysis software for design engineers

SIMSOLID Corporation launched SIMSOLID, a new structural analysis software product developed specifically for design engineers that works directly on fully featured CAD assemblies and complex part geometry and does not use a mesh. Founded by industry veterans Ken Welch, CEO, and Victor Apanovitch, President and CTO, SIMSOLID’s novel approach is intended to eliminate the two most time-consuming and expertise-intensive tasks of traditional FEA—geometry simplification and meshing. The company says SIMSOLID can analyze complex parts and large assemblies not practical with traditional FEA and do it efficiently on a desktop-class computer. Solution accuracy is controlled using what the company describes as a unique multi-pass adaptive analysis; adaptivity can be defined on a global or part-local basis and is always active. SIMSOLID contains a direct data integration with Onshape CAD documents and is available in the new Onshape App Store as well as directly from SIMSOLID.