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Revolution in Simulation

Revolution in Simulation is a new online resource center for news, information and educational materials surrounding Simulation Apps hosted on Comet Solutions’ web site. Content includes recorded webinars, videos, papers, articles, case studies, blog posts and related materials contributed by leading industry authorities. “The Comet web site with its new Revolution in Simulation section is devoted to providing timely and useful information on real-world use cases and the benefits of Simulation Apps,” Comet founder and CTO Malcolm Panthaki said. “The site contains contributions from many of our industry’s recognized experts and will be updated regularly to ensure that information is timely and relevant. We invite those employing CAE at all levels to find out more about SimApps and how they may be custom-built and used within your global organization.”

Simulation Apps: Simulation for Everyone webinar

Simulation Apps: Simulation for Everyone Simulation is complicated, limiting it to a group of experts. However, democratization of CAE would improve a product’s development cycle. This webinar, hosted by, demonstrated how simulation apps can target a larger audience through simplified user interfaces, be created using five tips, and be used in real-life use cases. The presenter is Malcolm Panthaki, founder and chief technology officer at the simulation application company, Comet Solutions. View a recording of the webinar here.


ASSESS 2016: The First Congress on Analysis, Simulation, and Systems Engineering Software Strategies, Jan. 20-22, Potomac, MD.  ASSESS is a broad-reaching multi-industry initiative that began with the goal of expanding the use and benefit of software tools for model-based analysis, simulation and systems engineering. ASSESS is centered on two intersecting domains: (1) the domain of design and engineering of products and the Internet of Things, and (2) the domain of complex decisions, not just about products, but also strategies, politics, infrastructure and other difficult areas that justify taking a long hard look at the consequences of setting a direction. The role of the ASSESS 2016 congress is to guide and influence software development and strategies to the capture of value of, and to enable, expanding the use and practical scope of software for model-based analysis, simulation and systems engineering. Apply for an invitation to ASSESS.

SIMSOLID launches new meshless structural analysis software for design engineers

SIMSOLID Corporation launched SIMSOLID, a new structural analysis software product developed specifically for design engineers that works directly on fully featured CAD assemblies and complex part geometry and does not use a mesh. Founded by industry veterans Ken Welch, CEO, and Victor Apanovitch, President and CTO, SIMSOLID’s novel approach is intended to eliminate the two most time-consuming and expertise-intensive tasks of traditional FEA—geometry simplification and meshing. The company says SIMSOLID can analyze complex parts and large assemblies not practical with traditional FEA and do it efficiently on a desktop-class computer. Solution accuracy is controlled using what the company describes as a unique multi-pass adaptive analysis; adaptivity can be defined on a global or part-local basis and is always active. SIMSOLID contains a direct data integration with Onshape CAD documents and is available in the new Onshape App Store as well as directly from SIMSOLID.

Onshape launches commercial release, beta App Store

Onshape completed beta testing of its full-cloud CAD system, launched its commercial release, and launched the private beta version of an Onshape App Store where selected customers can browse, try and purchase new applications that work directly with their Onshape data and expand on Onshape capabilities. Any Onshape user can request an invitation to the Onshape App Store Private Beta program at The API used by Onshape partners is also in private beta; developers can request access to the API at For our take, see Onshape technology and pricing demolish CAD accessibility barriers and Onshape: Future of CAD—or future of PLM?

DATADVANCE presents pSeven Cloud full-cloud design space exploration platform

DATADVANCE presented pSeven Cloud, the first full-cloud design space exploration platform, at the NAFEMS European SPDM Conference held Dec. 2-3 in Munich. pSeven Cloud is part of the emerging new generation of full-cloud design and simulation software tools such as Onshape, SimScale and Sim4Design. DATADVANCE CEO Sergey Morozov showed how pSeven Cloud complements those design and simulation tools by adding the critical capability of design space exploration, essential for implementing simulation-driven design methodology. Based on DATADVANCE’s efficient, production-proven data analysis and optimization algorithms, pSeven Cloud features the company’s SmartSelection™ metaheuristics that automatically selects the most appropriate and efficient analysis or optimization method based on the user’s description of the problem. Request an invitation for pSeven Cloud.

Comet supporting Ohio Supercomputer Center AweSim program with cloud-based SimApps

Comet SolutionsSimulation Applications (SimApps™) will be available on the cloud through a partnership with the Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC) via the OSC AweSim initiative, its founding partners including Kinetic Vision, and other engineering service providers. By capturing and embedding the experience of senior analysts, SimApps allow simulations to be run more easily, consistently and safely. With locally hosted versions of SimApps already delivering measurable gains in productivity, cost savings, quality and innovation for leading aerospace, automotive and industrial companies, the new cloud-based SimApps will broaden access to Comet’s technology, not only making CAE expertise accessible to all manufacturers, but also combining high-performance computing resources with SimApps for a powerful, scalable simulation solution. Continue reading

CAE user stories continue to paint a compelling picture

CAE user stories continue to paint a compelling picture” is an informative blog post by the Ohio Supercomputing Center’s Dr. Alan Chalker describing how packaging container manufacturer BWAY Corporation is dramatically improving its product design process through adoption of simulation apps. The BWAY case study, and another by AltaSim Technologies, were part of the Oct. 27 NAFEMS webinar Democratization: Accessibility.

2015 SmartDO Conference for Smart Computing and Design Optimization at Taiwan

2015 SmartDO Conference for Smart Computing and Design Optimization at Taiwan, Nov. 26, Hsinchu Headquarters of National Center for High-performance Computing, Hsinchu City. Hosted by SmartDO developer FEA-Opt Technology Co. Ltd., the 2015 conference will be co-hosted by the National Center for High-performance Computing (NCHC) and the Academia Industry Alliance for Noise, Vibration and Harshness (AITA/NVH). Register here.