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Aras: Steady as she goes

Aras: Steady as she goes

A Tweet from David Ewing, then Product Marketing Manager with Aras and now Director, Business Development & PLM Strategy, DAA (Design Automation Associates, Inc.), pointed out that transformative industry leaders such as Aras are very seldom looking to be acquired, contrary to our ill-conceived, indeed not even logical, speculation below, published earlier this year.

We agree, apologize, and of course retract absolutely.

Affuso joins Aras board: Countdown to acquisition?

Tony Affuso joins Aras board. Our take: Countdown to acquisition by Siemens? Strategic technology fit, business culture alignment. Our money says yes.

Breaking Free From SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM

Breaking Free From SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM

by Neil Cooke, Onshape

Maintaining two different PDM products that do virtually the same thing does not make sound business sense, especially if they came through acquisition and have no common ground or compatibility. This is the situation that many CAD companies have found themselves in over the years. Any decisions to consolidate multiple product lines should not be taken lightly, but in the interests of cost savings and profitability, these decisions are made all too often.

If you are a SOLIDWORKS® Workgroup PDM customer, then no doubt you have been informed by your reseller that your product is being retired at the end of this year. This should not come as a surprise – the push to migrate everyone to SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM has been going on for some years.

While Workgroup PDM does have its limitations in terms of capability and performance, customers love its simplicity and ease of use. So being forced to change the product you’ve used successfully for many years, for little or no benefit, is a bitter pill to swallow. You are being told to migrate now or risk being left behind.

Of course, this is pure speculation. There may be other reasons for this forced migration, but that doesn’t help the thousands of companies that find themselves in this quandary. To add insult to injury, migration comes at a cost in terms of both time and money. Your reseller is a small business and cannot afford to have engineers onsite to carry out lengthy data migrations and troubleshoot issues for free. The cost of migration has been made less onerous with the introduction of a “free” cut-down version, SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard, but the compatibility issue remains as well as the additional costs for implementation and training. Continue reading