Investigative multiclient study

To help discover, develop and implement strategies, tactics and best practices to expand and strengthen awareness, understanding, acceptance, adoption and institutionalization of simulation app technologies and methods—all with the goal of accelerating growth and fostering maturation of the market—Ora Research will initiate and lead a sponsored multiclient Study to identify and understand:

  • Contemporary drivers for recognition, acceptance, justification, adoption and implementation of simulation app tools and work processes in organizations using them today.
  • Constraints on adoption arising from gaps and shortcomings in the current state of technology development, implementation and delivery; from insufficiently developed or weakly conceived and executed marketing and sales strategies and tactics; from practitioner unreadiness rooted in organizational, cultural, attitudinal or other sources of resistance that better informed, more effective market education and business development would remedy; and from other issues to be uncovered.
  • Improvements in the technology and its implementation and delivery, in its market development and sales presentation, in providers’ cultivation of customer readiness, and in other areas to be revealed by the Study that would reduce or remove current barriers and accelerate recognition, acceptance, adoption, implementation and institutionalization of product engineering practices founded on simulation apps.

Ora Research invites all interested parties—current and prospective simulation app product and service providers of all kinds, as well as engineering organizations either evaluating an initial simulation app investment, or already using them and now considering increasing their investment—to participate as Sponsors in this Study.


Technology business strategy for 21st-century engineering practice