Methodology, deliverables, benefits

Through design, implementation and execution of a Survey to collect information from current and potential adopters of simulation apps, this Study will seek answers to the questions and challenges identified above. Specifically, Ora Research will:

  • Lead collaborative design of a Survey Questionnaire based on draft Survey questions proposed by Sponsors.
  • Implement the Survey Questionnaire online using SurveyMonkey.
  • Work jointly with Sponsors to invite and incent qualified Respondents to execute the Survey.
  • Extract, collate and analyze the Survey response data; prepare a detailed, in-depth, information-intensive PowerPoint Report & Analysis of Findings; then deliver this Report to each Sponsor by email, followed by an individually scheduled, confidential telephone briefing to review the Findings.

For simulation app technology and service providers, the Report will provide evidence and data to help:

  • Define, refine and strengthen product strategy and direction.
  • Develop and implement powerful marketing and sales strategies, tactics and execution.
  • Plan and produce compelling marketing, sales and educational collateral.

For engineering organizations planning a first investment in simulation apps, the Report will deliver lessons of experience for preparing and enacting strategies and tactics to successfully adopt and implement simulation apps, and insert them smoothly into existing engineering work processes and technology infrastructure.

For current users of simulation apps now planning or evaluating further investments, the Report will provide an empirical foundation for business justification and technological decision-making.

The Report delivered to Sponsors upon Study completion will be the ONE AND ONLY dissemination of Survey Findings. There will be NO SECONDARY DISSEMINATION. NO SUBSEQUENT DELIVERABLE of any kind will be derived from the Findings for sale or distribution afterward. SPONSORSHIP OF THE STUDY IS THE SOLE WAY TO ACCESS ITS FINDINGS.


Technology business strategy for 21st-century engineering practice