Research & advisory services

We provide commissioned research and advisory services through the vehicle of confidential, custom, fit-for-purpose projects to help engineering organizations within discrete manufacturing enterprises, process/power/offshore EPCs and owner/operators, and building and civil infrastructure contractors and owners investigate, evaluate, select and justify investments in new technologies and attendant work processes.

We serve technology providers through custom, on-demand projects to investigate, analyze and document emerging market opportunities and their demand drivers and competitive dynamics, help craft competitive positioning, and survey customer experiences and satisfaction with new or upgraded offerings.

We provide institutional investors with consultative insight into industry competitive dynamics, revenue and growth potential, and emerging market opportunities for technology providers.

Our white papers report key public findings of our commissioned research.

To engage our services, email Bruce Jenkins.

Projects to date
  • Achieving Breakthroughs in Aircraft Noise Reduction with Aeroacoustic Modeling and Simulation
  • System-Level Physical Modeling and Simulation: Best Practices for Accelerating the Move to Simulation-Led, Systems-Driven Product Development
  • Advancing from Wind Tunnel Testing to Simulation-Driven Design at Automotive OEMs: Strategies, Tactics, ROI Analysis
  • Next Frontiers in Simulation Process Automation
  • Aerodynamic Exploration and Optimization in Automotive Engineering: Next-Generation Tools and Methods to Meet Drag and Fuel Economy Targets
  • Strengthening Simulation’s Business Impact: New Strategies in Automotive, Aerospace/Defense, Aircraft Engines, Medical Devices, Off-Highway Equipment
  • 3D Scanning-Based Reverse-Engineering Software: Opportunity Analysis, Market Sizing, Growth Forecasts
  • Process/Power EPC Industry: IT Investment Benchmark Survey
  • Business Transformation through Accessible 3D: Early-Adopter Experiences, Challenges, Successes and Payback with Direct Modeling
  • Sustainability Strategies and Initiatives of Top Global Automotive OEMs and Suppliers
  • Mitigating Risk in AEC Project Execution: Perspectives from Principals, Counsel, Insurers
  • 3D Structured Light and Laser Scanning in Automotive Manufacturing, Defense Aircraft Re-Manufacturing, and Shipbuilding/Shipcheck/Shipalt: PLM Opportunities and Business Drivers
  • Mainstream Workgroup Design Data Management: Adoption Drivers, Implementation Success Factors, Channel Education Imperatives
  • Plant Design Software Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Industrial BIM Markets and Opportunities
  • Mainstream Design Data Management: Pricing Strategies, Demand Drivers, Early-Adopter Success Factors
  • Digital Prototyping, Simulation and Analysis: Purchase Decision Dynamics and Implementation Best Practices in Automotive, Aerospace/Defense, Aircraft Engines, Consumer Electronics, Medical Devices and Off-Highway Equipment

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