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‘DS: Industrie 4.0 is old news; makers and innovators will rule tomorrow’

‘…For me, the most compelling tidbit was CEO Bernard Charlès’ declaration that DS is so over the whole Industrie 4.0 thing. He said that it is “yesterday’s way of thinking, that tomorrow is about ecosystems of makers inventing new things with the end-customer in mind: new services, new content, that industries will offer their clients.” That’s fascinating, because many of the industrial companies I deal with are still very much in the midst of Industrie 4.0. They’re trying to figure out what that means to them, and what/how to digitalize more of what they do and if they even should. …’

Source: DS: Industrie 4.0 is old news; makers and innovators will rule tomorrow

Our impression, from the above highly observant note by astute industry analyst Monica Schnitger, plus many months of our own pondering:

Has DS at last thrown in the towel on engineering, and cast its fate instead in the future of its new ‘scientific‘ brands?

Dassaults technological decision to require that, to implement 3DEXPERIENCE and CATIA V6 solutions, client organizations must commit to ENOVIA certainly suggests so, in the face of strong new-adoption preferences among leading engineering organizations for rival data/process management platforms such as Teamcenter, Windchill, and now Aras.

Aras: Steady as she goes

Aras: Steady as she goes

A Tweet from David Ewing, then Product Marketing Manager with Aras and now Director, Business Development & PLM Strategy, DAA (Design Automation Associates, Inc.), pointed out that transformative industry leaders such as Aras are very seldom looking to be acquired, contrary to our ill-conceived, indeed not even logical, speculation below, published earlier this year.

We agree, apologize, and of course retract absolutely.

Affuso joins Aras board: Countdown to acquisition?

Tony Affuso joins Aras board. Our take: Countdown to acquisition by Siemens? Strategic technology fit, business culture alignment. Our money says yes.