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Water pump design: Geometry optimization for a shrouded impeller

For CFD-driven shape optimization of water pumps with shrouded impellers, it’s essential to have an efficient variable-geometry model defined by a set of relevant parameters (design variables). This case-study example focuses on geometry modeling of a typical water pump, with the goal of attaining maximum flexibility in shape variation and fine-tuning.

To begin, the geometry was set up in CAESES (CAE System Empowering Simulation), the software platform from FRIENDSHIP SYSTEMS that helps engineers design optimal flow-exposed products. CAESES provides simulation-ready parametric CAD for complex free-form surfaces, and targets CFD-driven design processes. Its specialized geometry models are ideally suited to automated design exploration and shape optimization. Continue reading

Variation of meridional contours.

Design exploration vs. design optimization

Automating the search for solutions to engineering problems can take either of two broad approaches: design exploration or design optimization. Practitioners making technology choices need to understand which tools do one, which do the other, and which approach best fits their needs. A global roster of commercially available design exploration and optimization software appears at the end of this post. Continue reading