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ESI Virtual Seat Solution helps JSP improve automotive seat manufacturing accuracy

JSP is a global business serving the automotive, construction, civil engineering and packaging markets with a range of expanded polymers. When the company first began to embed plastic and metal components into its automotive seat designs fabricated in ARPRO® expanded polypropylene (EPP), its engineers discovered that this made post-fabrication shrinkage of the product more difficult to predict. The modeling and simulation methods they were using at the time failed to account for thermal effects during shrinkage, making simulations of the manufacturing process unrevealing and unreliable. Consequently, additional physical trial and error were required to achieve the correct final form, stretching out development schedules and driving up costs.

JSP automotive seat fabricated in ARPRO expanded polypropylene (EPP)

To overcome that problem, JSP adopted ESI Group’s ESI Virtual Seat Solution (VSS). With this new technology, JSP engineers found they can now—reliably and recurrently—define a target shape that includes plastic and/or metal molded inserts, select the density of their ARPRO® foam, then calculate the mold shape that will deliver the required geometry for each component upon completion of the molding and curing process. Continue reading

Thermal shrink simulation—distorted shape.