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VIRES acquisition by MSC Software accelerates Hexagon’s simulation portfolio and autonomous X strategy

Intelligent, self-aware and situationally aware products capable of autonomous or semi-autonomous operation—reliably and without fail, under every possible set of conditions and circumstances—is fast becoming a, if not indeed the, key competitive mandate for virtually every discrete manufacturing industry today.

A powerful suite of engineering modeling and simulation technologies to help fulfill that mandate will now become available from MSC Software. A unit of Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division, MSC just announced an agreement to acquire VIRES Simulationstechnologie GmbH, recognized and respected as a leading provider of a software toolchain that supports the development, testing and validation of automated driving, driver assistance and active safety systems. Continue reading

Hexagon AB Set to Acquire MSC Software

Hexagon AB Set to Acquire MSC Software

Our take: The combination positions MSC and HMI to leverage many technology synergies that, if fully developed and exploited, will make the companies world leaders in solutions and platforms for mechatronics product engineering and production, intelligent AM, and the smart connected factory. Development and deepening of touch points with the Intergraph Process, Power & Marine offerings will also be fascinating to watch. To all who followed MSC’s recent turbulent ownership history with concern, the company at last finding safety in the hands of Hexagon, with its impeccable stewardship of many acquisitions across the years, will come as the greatest comfort and relief.