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Altair HyperStudy 14.0: Easier, more efficient study set-up, optimization, fit, post-processing

New models for FEKO and SimLab are available to directly import parameters defined in HyperStudy 14.0. Source: Altair

Altair’s just-introduced HyperWorks 14.0 has more than 2,100 new features, all aimed at advancing the company’s vision to enable “simulation-driven innovation.” New or enhanced capabilities include efficient parts and assemblies management, extremely fast graphics engine to handle even the largest models, new solutions for linear and nonlinear structural analysis, multiphysics analysis of structural, electromagnetic and fluid flow phenomena, optimization-based analysis and system-level design exploration.

Parallel Coordinate Plots for efficient data mining in huge results databases. Source: Altair

For exploration and optimization of design performance and robustness, HyperWorks includes the HyperStudy solver-neutral study, optimization and stochastic studies software. The new HyperStudy 14.0 provides a range of new features to let users explore designs even more thoroughly and efficiently. From quickly picking design parameters in HyperMesh to a new streamlined response definition experience, a key focus of the new release is to make it even easier to set up HyperStudy to run investigations. A new inclusion matrix allows optimizers to utilize existing run information, increasing the optimizer’s efficiency and making the most of users’ data. An automatic cross-validation check can save time by calculating checks on the Fit quality without a dedicated validation matrix. Continue reading

Benefits of a managed hardware/software HPC appliance for CAE design exploration

Source: Stanley Black & Decker

Last week’s case study looked at how Stanley Black & Decker’s DeWALT Industrial Tools brand optimized the efficiency and user comfort of its products at the same time as their robustness and durability with Altair’s AcuSolve, HyperMesh and HyperStudy software. This week’s story is how Stanley Black & Decker chose Altair’s HyperWorks Unlimited appliance to optimize its CAE processes for power tool design. The fully managed HPC system includes unlimited license for the HyperWorks suite of solvers, design exploration, meshing and visualization products as well as the PBS Works suite for HPC workload management.

Challenge: Improving the capacity for design optimization and innovation

As a global power tool leader, Stanley Black & Decker (SBD) is constantly seeking ways to maintain a competitive edge and bring better-performing products to market faster. In particular, when it came to optimizing the hammer mechanism design for their top-selling rotary hammers, SBD engineers knew they needed a CAE-based approach. Continue reading

Design space exploration industry timeline

A timeline of company formations, product launches and M&A activity among design exploration and optimization software vendors maps the pace and direction of the industry’s development.

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