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Next generation of PIDO: Noesis Solutions id8 transforms simulation-based engineering into objectives-driven engineering

Noesis Solutions NV, a pioneering developer of software technology for PIDO (process integration and design optimization), is extending its product portfolio with a series of next-generation application suites designed to transform simulation-based engineering into what the company characterizes as objectives-driven engineering. “Starting from product targets that outsmart competition,” Noesis explains, “such a process enables engineering teams to work their way back to the most critical design parameters and to engineer right first time.”

image insight pag 11
The new id8 decide environment offers a powerful and intuitive engineering data analytics solution to complement Optimus, visualizing design space information built up from a wide range of disparate engineering data sources. Image credit: Noesis Solutions. (Click image to enlarge.)

The first of these products, called id8 decide, is a new toolset for visualizing the design space. Far more than just an incremental refinement of existing functionality, this new software multiplies the value of Noesis’ Optimus software by radically strengthening and deepening users’ ability to achieve what Noesis terms “a clear vision of the design space.” On seeing id8 decide live in operation, we were impressed with the clarity and discoverability of functionality offered by its clean, up-to-the-minute graphical user interface, as well as advances at deeper levels of functionality—responses shared by beta users.

The beginning of Noesis’ transformation from a one-product company to a multi-product solution provider, id8 decide will be followed by future id8 application suites that, in similar fashion, will complement Optimus and step up its power through the addition of entirely new capability sets. Continue reading