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MathWorks adds design space exploration to Simulink Design Optimization

Last month’s Release 2016a of MathWorksSimulink Design Optimization software includes a new sensitivity analysis tool to support design space exploration. The tool lets design engineers interactively conduct design of experiments (DOE) and Monte Carlo simulations of Simulink models. Continue reading

Simulink Design Optimization. Source: MathWorks

Model-based design exploration and optimization

Discussions of how to simulate early in product development fixate too often on FEA, overlooking the power of systems modeling and 0D/1D simulation for studying, exploring and optimizing designs at the beginning of projects, when product geometry is seldom available for 3D CAE but engineering decision-making can have its greatest impact and leverage on project success. Continue reading

Design exploration vs. design optimization

Automating the search for solutions to engineering problems can take either of two broad approaches: design exploration or design optimization. Practitioners making technology choices need to understand which tools do one, which do the other, and which approach best fits their needs. A global roster of commercially available design exploration and optimization software appears at the end of this post. Continue reading