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Design Exploration with Nexus webinar

Design Exploration with Nexus webinar, October 11 & November 24. Hosted by iChrome, the webinar will demonstrate how its Nexus software can help engineers design better, faster and smarter, and receive a one-month fully featured demo license to experience the software firsthand. Responding to what it saw as the unintuitive nature and high costs of existing design optimization software applications, iChrome set out to develop Nexus as a far more user-friendly and affordable optimization framework. Nexus provides process integration and multidisciplinary, multiphysics optimization; design of experiment and response surfaces; CAE-based design space exploration; and data mining. Register for the webinar here.

Structural optimization for weight reduction of a tractor front-axle support

Source: iChrome

Leading tractor manufacturer Same Deutz-Fahr used iChrome’s Nexus optimization and process integration software and Shaper 3D mesh morphing tool to achieve weight reductions together with an overall performance increase in complex 3D assemblies in its products. In this project, the key objective was to improve the initial shape of a tractor front-axle support, with the goal of minimizing the overall weight under performance requirement constraints. Continue reading

Multi-objective optimization of a motorcycle composite swing-arm

Motorbike swing-arm. Source: iChrome

Composite materials are rapidly supplanting metals in racing and sport vehicles, providing comparable strength and stiffness at much lower weight. This project was a feasibility study to replace the single-sided swing-arm in MV Agusta’s high-performance F4 1000R and Brutale 990R/1090RR motorcycles, originally made of aluminum alloy, with a new design consisting of resin transfer molding (RTM) carbon composite. Injection-based technologies for long-fiber reinforcement such as RTM have proven particularly effective for motorsport cars and motorbikes. Continue reading

Design exploration vs. design optimization

Automating the search for solutions to engineering problems can take either of two broad approaches: design exploration or design optimization. Practitioners making technology choices need to understand which tools do one, which do the other, and which approach best fits their needs. A global roster of commercially available design exploration and optimization software appears at the end of this post. Continue reading