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Onshape’s latest update features Advanced Search

Onshape’s latest update features Advanced Search, a new function that lets users search not only Onshape Documents but any tab or property within a document. “Until now this level of search has only been available to CAD users through expensive PDM systems,” notes marketing vice president Darren Henry. In our view, this is a major directional advance that points to Onshape’s long-term vision and strategy to, over time, take more and more functionality that heretofore required an external PDM system, and embed those functions in the core Onshape environment.

Already, the ways in which Onshape lets multiple users work simultaneously on the same design eliminate many problems that established PDM and PLM providers have spent years “solving”—and, of course, at the same time perpetuating. As chairman Jon Hirschtick observed to us a year ago, “For starters we eliminate 50-60% of all the functions of traditional PDM—they simply have no role (copying files, managing directory structures, etc.) in our world.”

With those capabilities, and now with Advanced Search, says Hirschtick, “So many of our customers love getting the purported benefits of PDM—but in a way that does not slow them down either in implementing or using or being creative.”

For an in-depth look at how Onshape’s revolutionary new technology architecture makes all this possible, see our Cloud-native CAD will disrupt the PLM platform paradigm.