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ESI Pro-SiVIC 2016 models how sensors perceive scenes and smart products make decisions

New tools for development of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and autonomous (self-driving) vehicles are highlights of Pro-SiVIC 2016, ESI Group’s latest release of the sensor simulation platform it acquired last year along with the software’s developer, CIVITEC.

Realistic 3D scene of vehicles driving around a city: ESI Pro-SiVIC lets engineers model how sensors perceive scenes and how smart products make decisions. Source: ESI Group

Targeted primarily at transportation industries, ESI Pro-SiVIC lets engineering organizations virtually test the operational performance of the various perception systems on board a ground vehicle or aircraft design. By helping engineers build realistic, real-life 3D scenarios and experience them interactively in real time, Pro-SiVIC is intended to reduce or eliminate the need for physical prototypes. The software models environmental factors that influence sensor performance such as lighting conditions, weather, and other vehicles sharing the road. The goal is to let users quickly and precisely study the performance of embedded systems in both typical and critical use cases, to ensure the product will be safe and reliable in operation. Continue reading