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Comet announces Gearbox Durability SimApp

Comet Solutions announced a program in support of gearbox design and manufacturing. The Comet gearbox solution, consisting of a suite of solution-specific Gearbox SimApps, will provide automated processes integrating the broad spectrum of tools frequently used throughout gearbox development—CAD, FEA, multibody dynamics, gear/bearing simulation and CFD—in order to predict and optimize performance in the areas of acoustics/vibration/dynamics, durability/reliability, efficiency, and for management of cost and weight. Developed in cooperation with ADET (Advanced Drivetrain Engineering and Technology) and utilizing SMT (Smart Manufacturing Technology) MASTA, Comet’s new Gearbox Durability SimApp will provide gearbox OEM companies the means to perform basic durability evaluations of various gearbox system designs. More information here. Run the Gearbox Durability SimApp live at Gear Expo 2015, Oct. 20-22, Cobo Center, Detroit—visit Comet and ADET in booth 1311, and SMT in booth 2207.

Design space exploration industry timeline

A timeline of company formations, product launches and M&A activity among design exploration and optimization software vendors maps the pace and direction of the industry’s development.

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Innovation and new technology insertion

Ora_Innovation-sourcesFor engineering organizations, where does innovation come from?

When we put that question to EPC firms serving the process and power industries, the most frequent answer was “our projects” and the people working directly in project execution. Forty percent of respondents said their firms’ most important source of innovation is the discovery and application of new technologies and approaches by discipline leads, engineers and managers seeking solutions to pressures and exigencies in a specific project or program.

In second place was “anywhere and everywhere”—27% said innovation at base is a function of their organizations’ culture, and thus can arise from any area in the firm.

In third place was the IT department, named as the top source of innovation by 17% of respondents. While not quite the picture painted in some CIO-oriented publications, these findings align with what our research and others’ suggests is an evolving role for the CIO’s office: to provide enabling infrastructure in support of digital technology initiatives that, more and more, originate from the project execution centers of engineering, manufacturing and construction enterprises. Continue reading