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Serapid adopts SIMSOLID for optimization

Stage lifting platform with Serapid’s rigid chain technology. Source: Serapid

Serapid designs, manufactures and installs systems for transfer of heavy loads based on its unique “rigid chain” technology. Essentially a chain that can push, the technology consists of interlocking links that behave like a chain yet lock like a rigid bar, providing a telescopic actuation mechanism that is environmentally friendly and works in harsh environments. Serapid’s custom solutions range from individual components to turnkey stage systems, and encompass a variety of applications in industries as diverse as architecture, nuclear, medical technology, defense, automation, quick die change, engineering, manufacturing, theater and entertainment.

Scissor lift analyzed with SIMSOLID. Source: Serapid

Bob Adams, engineering manager at Serapid, reports that he and his team just completed a successful evaluation and initial set of design studies using SIMSOLID, a new structural simulation tool that works directly on imported CAD geometry, eliminating the two most time-consuming and labor-intensive aspects of structural analysis: CAD geometry simplification and mesh preparation. As a result, Serapid is now in the process of implementing SIMSOLID to expand its use of simulation across all its product lines. Continue reading

New generation of simulation

Large assembly analyzed in SIMSOLID. Source: SIMSOLID

A new generation of simulation software is bringing novel, powerful approaches to simplifying the setup of analysis problems—the bottleneck where much of the time and expertise required to use sophisticated CAE were long concentrated. At the same time, many of these vendors are removing barriers to affordability with new pricing models that are subscription-based, short-term (as little as one month) if desired, and free of the old-fashioned, long-term lock-in features formerly used to coerce customers’ loyalty. Continue reading

SIMSOLID launches new meshless structural analysis software for design engineers

SIMSOLID Corporation launched SIMSOLID, a new structural analysis software product developed specifically for design engineers that works directly on fully featured CAD assemblies and complex part geometry and does not use a mesh. Founded by industry veterans Ken Welch, CEO, and Victor Apanovitch, President and CTO, SIMSOLID’s novel approach is intended to eliminate the two most time-consuming and expertise-intensive tasks of traditional FEA—geometry simplification and meshing. The company says SIMSOLID can analyze complex parts and large assemblies not practical with traditional FEA and do it efficiently on a desktop-class computer. Solution accuracy is controlled using what the company describes as a unique multi-pass adaptive analysis; adaptivity can be defined on a global or part-local basis and is always active. SIMSOLID contains a direct data integration with Onshape CAD documents and is available in the new Onshape App Store as well as directly from SIMSOLID.