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Collaborative design optimization

SOMO supports combining multiple projects into a multidisciplinary workflow. Source: Ford and ESTECO

Design space exploration and design optimization are rapidly becoming strategic competencies that engineering organizations must master to remain competitive. To have strategic and not just tactical impact, design exploration and optimization need to be adopted and deployed within the framework of a collaborative, enterprise-wide vision.

By creating Isight components for automating tasks in the compressor meanline prediction portion of the aircraft engine design iteration loop, complex analyses can be condensed into user-friendly drop-ins. Source: Rolls-Royce

To date, however, the tools and methods are too often implemented at only the department or workgroup level, keeping their impact limited and localized. This deployment pattern is rooted in the early history of design optimization, when the discipline consisted mainly of abstruse mathematical methods that could only be applied manually by small numbers of PhD-level specialists. But today the picture is different, thanks to the burgeoning number of software tools that make these powerful methods more broadly available to the engineering community. Continue reading