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DATADVANCE new pSeven 6.8 webinar

DATADVANCE webinar—New in pSeven 6.8: SmartSelection, model smoothing and other new features, August 30, noon Moscow time. Presenters: Alexander Prokhorov, Head of Software Development, & Dmitry Frolov, Marketing Director, DATADVANCE. Webinar attendees will learn about new features in the latest release of the pSeven design space exploration software platform that improve product performance and reduce design lead time: new SmartSelection technology in Predictive Modeling Toolkit, smoothing for approximation models, remote launch for Windows with pSeven Agent, and task manager-like features to control workflow execution. Register here.

DATADVANCE presents pSeven Cloud full-cloud design space exploration platform

DATADVANCE presented pSeven Cloud, the first full-cloud design space exploration platform, at the NAFEMS European SPDM Conference held Dec. 2-3 in Munich. pSeven Cloud is part of the emerging new generation of full-cloud design and simulation software tools such as Onshape, SimScale and Sim4Design. DATADVANCE CEO Sergey Morozov showed how pSeven Cloud complements those design and simulation tools by adding the critical capability of design space exploration, essential for implementing simulation-driven design methodology. Based on DATADVANCE’s efficient, production-proven data analysis and optimization algorithms, pSeven Cloud features the company’s SmartSelection™ metaheuristics that automatically selects the most appropriate and efficient analysis or optimization method based on the user’s description of the problem. Request an invitation for pSeven Cloud.