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Ora Research was founded in 2008 by Bruce Jenkins. Before founding Ora Research, Jenkins was president of research and co-founder of 3D imaging and existing-conditions-capture industry research firm Spar Point Research (now Spar Point Group, Diversified Communications), 2003-2008. Previously he was executive vice president in charge of research and publishing operations at CAD/CAM/CAE, AECO and GIS consultancy Daratech, 1982-2003, where in 2001 he originated the identification and definition of PIDO (process integration and design optimization) as a distinct and significant category of engineering technology, and coined the terminology.

The author of some 2,000 articles and reports on the selection, justification, implementation and payback of digital technologies for engineering, manufacturing and construction, Jenkins has consulted to engineering organizations within discrete manufacturing enterprises, process/power/offshore EPCs and owner/operators, and building and civil infrastructure contractors and owners on evaluating, selecting and justifying technology investments, and on managing technology provider transitions, mergers and acquisitions. For CAD/CAM/CAE, AECO and GIS technology providers, he has investigated and advised on emerging market opportunities and their demand drivers and competitive dynamics, and helped craft competitive positioning. For institutional investors, he has provided insight into industry competitive dynamics, revenue and growth potential, and emerging market opportunities for technology providers.

His research has been published or cited in The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Investor’s Business Daily, Business Week, MIT Technology Review, Automotive Engineering International, Ward’s Auto World, SAE Off-Highway Engineering, Design News, Design World, Digital Engineering, The Engineer, Mechanical Engineering, Machine Design, Manufacturing Computer Solutions, NAFEMS benchmark, Offshore Engineer, Scandinavian Oil-Gas Magazine, Public Works, The American Surveyor, POB, Professional Surveyor, AIA Practice Management, AECWeekly, The Zweig Letter, Computerworld, Managing Automation, Reuters and elsewhere.

He presents and moderates on industry webcasts and at technology conferences, user group meetings and business development seminars worldwide.

He holds a B.A. summa cum laude in English language and literature, with Honors in English Letters and Distinction in the Intensive English Major, from Yale University (1981, Phi Beta Kappa). There he studied with Umberto Eco, Harold Bloom, Paul de Man, Marie Borroff, Geoffrey Hartman, John Guillory, Andrej Warminski, Maureen Quilligan, Joseph Gordon and Peter Gay, and before that at Duke with Reynolds Price, Wallace Fowlie, James Applewhite, Howard A. Strobel, William M. Reddy, Joseph N. DiCorcia, Grover C. Smith, James Rolleston, Gerald Monsman and Fenner Douglass. His senior thesis, supervised by J.D. McClatchy, was A Metaphor Made to Include Us: John Ashbery and Jasper Johns.

The University & College Prize Program of The Academy of American Poets named him a first prize winner in 1979 for a sequence, “Restorations.” One piece, “Fort Macon,” was selected by Academy Chancellor May Swenson for inclusion in New Voices: Selected University & College Prize-winning Poems 1979-1983, edited by her and published by The Academy in 1984.

Technology business strategy for 21st-century engineering practice